Lunch Tavern

11:00am until 2:00pm
Prepared By: The Cooks Guild

2017 Menu In Process

Bill of Fare - Last Year (2016)

Bean Soup with Ham
Tavern Bread
(meat and cheese baked in bread)
Piece of Fruit
Tare: $7


We will have a Russian Feast this year.
Prepared by: Lady Muirenn Ingen Ragnill and the Cooks Guild

2017 Menu In Process

Menu: Last Year (2016)

On The Table:

Mozzarella, Olives, Aspic of whatever meat, Bread

First Course:

Meatballs, Herbatella, Peas

Second Course:

Pork Pastry, Mushrooms, Roasted Parsnips

Third Course

Lemon Flavored Chicken, Lasange, Sprouts of Life


Candied Fruit, Nut Custard Turnover