Badge Office Description Person Contact Information
Seneschal's Badge Image Seneschal The Seneschal is the administrative head and legal representative of Catteden. Lady Angélique de La Rochelle catteden.seneschal {at}
Exchequer's Badge Image Exchequer The Exchequer is responsible for all financial matters within Catteden. Heraldr inn hávi (pronounced "Hiccup") catteden.exchequer {at}
Pursuivant's Badge Image Pursuivant The Pursuivant is in charge of heraldry and protocol within Catteden. Heraldr inn hávi (pronounced "Hiccup") catteden.herald {at}
Chronicler's Badge Image Chronicler The Chronicler is responsible for reporting the news of Catteden to its members, the Barony, and to the Crown. Lady Isibel of Dunbegane catteden.chronicler {at}
MOAS' Badge Image Minister of Arts & Science The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for fostering arts and sciences within Catteden. Rowland the Clever catteden.moas {at}
Knights' Marshall's Badge Image Knights' Marshal The Knights’ Marshal is responsible for ensuring the safety of heavy weapons combatants within Catteden. Vacant catteden.marshal {at}
Rapier Marshal's Badge Image Rapier Marshal The Rapier Marshal is responsible for ensuring the safety of rapier combatants within Catteden. Vacant catteden.rapier {at}
Archery Marshal's Badge Image Archery Marshall The Archery Marshal is responsible for ensuring the safety of target archery participants within Catteden. Lady Elizabeth Eve MacFarlane catteden.archery {at}
Chatelaine's Badge Image Chatelaine The Chatelaine is responsible for welcoming newcomers and membership retention for Catteden. Lady Angelique de La Rochelle catteden.chatelaine {at}
Webminister's Badge Image Webminister The Webminister is responsible for maintaining the online presence for Catteden. Lord Guillaume Gallatini catteden.webminister {at}
Minister of Youth's Badge Image Youth Minister The Minister of Youth assists with organizing activities for the younger members of Catteden. Vacant catteden.youth {at}