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02 July 2017

Catteden Meeting 07/02/2017 2:30PM

Officers Present:

Seneschal - Angélique

Exchequer - Guillaume

MOAS - Rowland

Chatelaine - Present

Quartermaster - Isibél

Pursuivant - Heraldr (Hiccup)

Webminister – Present

Senschal's Report:

Next Cattaden meeting is July 16th at the Park. We will have Archery, weather permitting.

The next Baronial meeting will be on Sunday, July 23rd at 2:00pm. The location will be at Uthan's house: 8219 Rudolph Rd., Rudolph, OH 43462
There will be a potluck so if you are goin, bring a dish to share. There will be an official archery practice after the meeting.

Events in July:

BRAWL - July 8th at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, OH

Push for Pennsic – July 7th - 9th in Hamilton, OH
Encampment XV – July 15th in Mt. Gilead, OH

Pennsic – July 29th

Exchequer's Report:

No change in the bank balance: $3520.66

The monthly exchequer's financial report has been submitted.

The Society has published a new Financial Policy that was approved on 06/05/2017.
THL Kateline Eliot ( Kingdom Exchequer ) has contacted me directly about it. It is now explicitly stated the group Seneschal and group Exchequer may not reside at the same residence or be immediately related individuals. No Kingdom variance for this is provided for in the new policy.

Guillaume is opening up the position of Exchequer to all qualified applicants. All applicants must submit their Intent to the Seneschal before the Catteden meeting on July 16th. The vote will be held during that meeting.

Heraldr inn havi has stated his intent. He would take the position for such a period of time as is necessary to find a permanent replacement.

MOAS' Report:

Rowland took a class on Bardic at Baron Wars.
Heraldr & Isba took a class on Retaining at Baron Wars
Angélique and Guillaume taught a class on “How to Personalize a Scroll” at Baron Wars

Webminister's Report:

The webminister made a mistake when updating the meeting minutes page after last months business meeting. The minutes were in the archive but not on the regular page to be viewed.

Pursuivant's Report:

Contacted Escutcheon Herald about missing submissions for Heraldr inn havi and

Lady Angélique, I am still working with Myriah on getting her device registered, still waiting for her to provide information.

Archery Marshal's Report:

Not Present

Chatelaine's Report:

Nothing new at the moment.

Quartermaster's Report:

We need to inventory and organize the stuff....

Guillaume is going to take a vacation day and he and Angélique will get with Iosobail and get the items sorted.

Baron/Baroness Report:

Her Excellency was present. Nothing needed to reported that hadn't been covered.

Old Buisiness:

None. Pounce will have it's own meeting section.

New Business:

Fun Projects: We need ideas
Isibél has a list that she is working on for classes/projects for the group.
Guillaume stated he needs stuff to put under activities on the website.


Heavy Fighting:

MIC: Aislin de Tanet

Rapier Fighting:

MIC: Fatima bint Malik

Thrown Weapons:

MIC: Uthan Laoch

MIC: El'Aria a'Fighe

Lunch Tavern:
The Cooks Guild

Muirenn ingen Ragnaill (with the Cooks Guild) Russian Theme

Arts & Sciences:
Anna Baker (mka Ann Gerken) has agreed to take the position for organizing classes, competition and display.

Youth Point:
Artemisia Voltera has agreed to have a Youth Point and to run the Dragon's Quest.


Charity Goehring has been asked if she would run the gate. She will get back to us after considering the request.


Miklos (Nate Goehring) has been asked if he would take care of Merchants. He will get back to use with his answer.

General Pounce Discussion:

The suggestion has been made to hold the meeting after Pennsic at the park to go over space and stuff. Extend the invitation to all of those in charge of an area to attend if they wish so they may see they area and bring up ideas or areas of concern to be addressed.

Confirmed Merchants:

We Are Laser Engraving
Blackburn & Blackburn
Annora's Emporium

Possible Merchants/Ideas:

Jewelry – Elizabeth (Dmitrii's Wife)

Soap – Ask Lisa Boehler

Ask Dan and Mathilda
Archery Merchant – Viking Archery is not available, Ask Uthan for Ideas

Heavy Weapons Merchant???
Henna Art Merchant??? (Isibel has the business card to contact)
Turkish Coffee – Ask Cowboy and company
Pottery – Ask Corkey

Confirmed Classes:

Food Preservation – Giles
Leather Work – Oliver Stillman

Bardic Circle for camping evenings: Rowland the Clever

Rowland brought up Lava and Kittens as an activity as well.

Youth Dragon's Quest

There being no further business, Guillaume motioned to adjourn the meeting
Isibel provided the second.

Motion Carried.

Meeting Adjourned at 3:46 PM


We had a very productive meeting. Many things were obviously accomplished. The meeting was followed by a Service Project to the Church to help “Pay our Rent.” We completed the Second coat of stain on the handicap access ramp. Good discussion ensued and work was accomplished. Everyone was painted to some extent. :)