Catteden Financial Policy

Canton of Catteden Financial Policy


The Canton of Catteden Financial Policy is declared so to ensure all members of the populace may understand the fiscal policies of Catteden. This policy is in addition to those policies mandated by the Barony of Red Spears, the Middle Kingdom, the Society for Creative Anachronism, and modern law.

This Financial Policy was proposed January 15th, A.S. 51 (2017).
Enacated: February 5th, A.S. 51 (2017).
Approved by Middle Kingdom: April 20th, A.S. 51 (2017)

Canton of Catteden Financial Policy:

  1. The Catteden Financial Committee shall be defined as the Catteden Seneschal, Catteden Exchequer and at least one other member of Catteden Curia whose terms of service are defined in the Catteden Charter.

  2. Four signatories are required to be on the group’s bank account at all times. These will include the Kingdom Exchequer or Appointed Representative, Catteden's Exchequer, Catteden's Seneschal, and one other Catteden officer to be decided by the canton's Exchequer and Seneschal.

  3. Dispersal of any Catteden Funds shall be decided on by unanimous vote of the Catteden Financial Committee for amounts not totaling more than one hundred dollars($100). Amounts totaling more than one hundred dollars($100) will be voted upon by and require a unanimous vote of the Financial Committee, and voted on by paid members of the Catteden populace present at a published meeting with a 2/3rds approval needed for passing.

  4. The financial committee may meet to discuss the dispersal of funds for emergency (less than $100) as needed. All other meetings will be posted to the Catteden website with a date, time and location of meeting in advance.

  5. All event proposals being submitted for approval by the group must include a budget.

  6. All events that choose to accept preregistration funds may offer refunds for non used preregistration upon request. The request must be received no later than twenty four hours after the end of the event. Requests should be made via email or in writing to the event steward or exchequer. Funds not requested will be considered a donation to the event. Preregistration is not transferable, this includes lunch and feast preregistration.

  7. Catteden will donate 10% of event profits to the Barony of Red Spears and the amount required when and if it is a Kingdom event.

  8. Waiver of registration fees will be limited to members of Royalty (King, Queen, Prince, Princess), and the Baron/Baroness of Red Spears. Additionally, event staff as chosen by the Seneschal or event steward may also be waved but must be announced at time of bidding for event and approved.

  9. To receive reimbursement for expenditures of personal funds used for Catteden business or event supplies:
    1. The Financial Committee must have approved the expenditure either individually or as part of a budget.

    2. All receipts must be turned in to the Chancellor of the Exchequer within 30 days of the incurred expense for reimbursement with the exception of extenuating circumstances.

    3. All receipts must be reimbursed within 30 days of the time the Exchequer receives them.

    4. Cash advances are strongly discouraged.

    5. All cash advances must be reconciled within 30 days of the advance.

    6. All receipts should only contain Catteden business items for reimbursement. It is strongly recommended that personal or other items purchased not appear on receipts for reimbursement.
  10. All event reports must be completed and turned in to the Exchequer and Seneschal within 2 weeks of the time the 30 day reimbursement period ends.

  11. All Kingdom gate policies must be observed.

  12. All other policies regarding the Catteden account will fall under the policies outlined by the Barony of Red Spears Financial Policy, the Middle Kindgom Financial Policy, and the Society for Creative Anachronism Financial Policy.

Official Financial Policy PDF