Canton of Catteden Charter & Policies

Canton of Catteden Charter & Policies


We, the people of the Canton of Catteden do hereby ordain and establish this Charter and Policies to establish policies and procedures to better order the affairs of this land of Catteden.

This Document was proposed April 23rd, A.S. 51 (2017).
This is: Rev 2
Enacted by Populace Vote: 2017-06-04
Approved by Middle Kingdom:


  1. We declare these lands to be a Canton of the Barony of Red Spears in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism. The name of this Group shall be "Catteden, Canton of" and the Arms of Catteden shall be: “Argent, a demi-cat sable issuant from a base azure, in dexter chief a laurel wreath vert.” as registered within the Society. The Canton's lands are roughly that of Hancock County, Ohio and as designated by the Kingdom as the following zip codes: 44804, 45814, 45816, 45839, 45840, 45841, 45858, 45867, 45868, 45881, 45889, 45890, 45897.

  2. As a Canton of the Barony, we will be mindful of the responsibilities incumbent upon us toward the Barony. We will be subject to the relevant regulations and laws of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Middle Kingdom, the polices within the Red Spears Baronial Charter, and the policies within this charter; and that in the event of conflict, the precedence of authority shall be: Society, Kingdom, Barony, Canton. Furthermore, civil authority shall supersede as set forth by Society and Kingdom laws..

  3. We believe in play where you may. The declared lands serve only as as means to determine where Official Catteden meetings, events, business, etc. may be held and not to imply that anyone must be a member of Catteden. Catteden's membership is open to anyone who wishes to declare themselves a member of the Catteden populace regardless of residency.


  1. Officers of Catteden:

    1. All Catteden Officers and deputies shall comply with Corpora and Kingdom Law regarding their office.
    2. Catteden will at a minimum maintain the following officer posistions: Seneschal, Exchequer, and at least one officer from section I.3 below.
    3. Offices that may be considered part of the Catteden Officers are: Pursuivant, Knights Marshal, Rapier Marshal, Archery and/or Thrown Weapons Marshal, Chatelaine, Chronicler and Webminister. If a member of the populace holds a regional officer position of one of the previous non-required positions, that office may remain vacant until the regional officer is no longer a member of the populace.
    4. Catteden Officers are strongly encouraged to have a deputy that can assume their duties immediately in the event the officer can no longer perform their required duties.
    5. Additional Deputy Officer positions that may be appointed if needed:
      1. Quartermaster
      2. Minister of Youth
      3. Equestrian Marshal
      4. Hound Coursing Marshal
      5. Combat Archery Marshal
      6. Siege Marshal
      7. Cut and Thrust Marshal
      8. Youth Marshal - Heavy Combat
      9. Youth Marshal – Rapier
      10. And any others as the availability and need arises. If the need is no longer present the office will be dissolved.
    6. All Catteden Officers and deputies are required to have a stable mailing address, reliable telephone access and meet the requirements set forth by the Kingdom and Society. E-mail access is required.
    7. All Catteden Officers will send a copy of their reports to the Seneschal, corresponding Baronial Officer as well as the required NorthOaken Regional officers and Kingdom officers.
    8. All Catteden Officers shall maintain a permanent record of all correspondence and activities carried on in the performance of the duties of each office, to be subject to examination by any member of the Catteden Officers with cause, and further subject to be turned over to any successors in office.
    9. All Catteden Officers shall use the Kingdom provided e-mail addresses to perform the duties of their offices. E-mail may serve as part of the permanent record required for the office.
    10. The Seneschal shall gather all items for the agenda of the group meetings. Any member of the Populace may submit an item for the agenda to the Seneschal.
  2. Officer Changeovers
    1. Officers wishing to leave office should announce their intention to do so to the Seneschal or at a Catteden meeting.
    2. Openings will be announced at the next Catteden meeting and should be listed as soon as possible by the Webminister on the Catteden website.
    3. Individuals wishing to apply for a Catteden office are requested to submit an application letter to the Seneschal.
    4. Application Letters must include the following as a minimum:
      1. SCA and Modern name
      2. Contact information i.e. address, phone and e-mail
      3. Proof of membership
    5. In addition to the required information, including the following information is recommended: An outline of previous experience, qualifications, and other information pertaining to the office.
    6. The Catteden Seneschal will acknowledge receipt of the application. If the applicant doesn’t receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of their application, they should contact the Seneschal to reapply. No application is official until the receipt of it has been acknowledged by the Seneschal. A deadline for applying will be posted, no applications will be considered valid if submitted after the deadline.
    7. If there is more than one applicant for the open office, the candidate selection shall be determined by a polling of the populace present at a Catteden meeting where the recommendation is to be decided.
    8. Upon deciding which candidate will be chosen to fill the office, the change of officer form will be completed and sent to the Baronial, Regional and Kingdom superiors for the office as soon as possible. The chosen candidate will assume responsibility of the said office immediately.
    9. Outgoing officers are strongly recommended to work with their replacement to ease the transition.
    10. Terms of office for all officers serving in Catteden shall be three years. At the end of three years the office will be opened to all applicants.
      1. Officers may resign at any time without prejudice.
      2. All required officers’ terms should be staggered so that all offices would not become vacant at one time.
      3. There is no limit to the number of terms an individual may serve in an office.
      4. Officers required to open an office may declare, at the time of opening, their intent to serve consecutive terms without the need to formally apply.
      5. If an officer misses three consecutive Catteden meetings the officer may be replaced without prejudice regardless of the time served.
      6. The populace may vote to suspend the attendance requirement for the duration of the term of office after the third missed meeting.
    11. Removal from office is pursuant to Kingdom Law. Anyone who believes that an officer is not fulfilling the duties of their office may contact that officer’s chain of command.
    12. This procedure is for the smooth transfer of offices. In the case that a required office is immediately left vacant an acting officer will be recommended to Kingdom to serve until the officer selection process can be completed.
  3. Financial Policy
    1. Catteden will establish and maintain a Financial Policy that is approved by the Middle Kingdom.
    2. The Financial Policy will follow Society, Kingdom and Baronial Financial policies and requirements.
    3. Changes to the Financial Policy will follow the same process and procedures as outline in Section V of this document with the responsibility being held by the Exchequer instead of the Seneschal.
  4. Catteden Property
    1. The supervision of Catteden property shall fall under the realm of the offices of Exchequer and Seneschal.
      1. A Quartermaster of Catteden Property may be chosen by a vote of the officers. The Quartermaster is a deputy to the Exchequer
    2. Inventory: The Exchequer, Seneschal, and appointed Quartermaster, will keep an inventory of all items purchased, donated, or otherwise acquired and considered Catteden property.
      1. The Inventory will consist of a minimum of the following information:
        1. Name or description of each different item.
        2. Quantity of the listed items Catteden possesses.
        3. The storage location of each item in inventory.
        4. Whether the item is considered consumable or non-consumable.
      2. Resulting inventory will be made available to the Populace at Catteden meetings and/or posted on the Catteden website.
      3. New acquisitions should be added to the inventory lists immediately.
      4. Any items in need of repair, replacement, or disposal will be set aside until the matter can be reviewed with the Populace at the next meeting. The final decision resides with the Catteden Financial Committee.
    3. Storage:
      1. Arrangements for the storage of the Catteden property is the responsibility of the aforementioned officers and/or the appointed deputy.
      2. The Officers are not required to store the property personally, but must know where it is and arrange for its availability when needed.
      3. The Officers are not personally liable for the loss or damage to property.
    4. Distribution and use:
      1. Requests for use/loan of Catteden property by individuals of the Populace must be made to the Quartermaster within a reasonable length of time and approved by vote of the officers or populace.
      2. All items borrowed and returned shall be listed and borrower and issuer shall sign an inventory form.
  5. Changes to Charter and Policies
    1. When deemed necessary or requested by a member of the Populace, Catteden shall vote to open the Charter and Policies to revision.
    2. The Seneschal shall be responsible for overseeing the amending/revising of the charter. The Seneschal may appoint a deputy to make revisions as requested.
    3. Any proposed changes or revision shall be published to the Populace for review and comment.
    4. Changes shall be ratified by a vote of 2/3 of the Populace attendant at the next Catteden meeting after the proposed change is published.
    5. The Charter and Policies shall remain open until the Kingdom accepts and approves the revisions.

**NEW** Revision 2 - Enacted Catteden Charter and Policies PDF